DavCo Company Culture

  • We understand that we are an OPERATING company first. Our number one mission is to create a positive experience for each and every guest.
  • We take pride in the DavCo name and are passionate about upholding the QUALITY IMAGE of our concepts by delivering fresh products using the correct recipes and standards on a consistent basis, and by wisely REINVESTING in our facilities to remain current and competitive.
  • We value and take pride in our STRONG NETWORK of support, both corporate staff and business partners.
  • We are focused on our obligation as a team to achieve our goals and objectives through a resolve of uncompromising TENACITY and CRITICAL THINKING.
  • Our management style will support our people by providing CLEAR DIRECTION and maintaining an environment that requires TEACHING and encourages LEARNING, has tolerance for HONEST MISTAKES, and fosters a PASSION for being the best in the business.
  • Our primary measure of performance is SALES, with an awareness of our obligation to produce planned margins and maximize shareholder value.
  • Our organization will be known for QUALITY CONCEPTS, providing a POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT for our employees and exceptional satisfaction for our guests.
  • …and HAVE FUN