DavCo Management Opportunities

for stores located in Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia

DavCo Selection Process

DavCo utilizes a two-interview selection process. After an applicant has expressed interest in Wendy’s and has been pre-screened, they will have a first interview with one of our Employment Managers. The purpose of the first interview is to determine the candidate’s qualifications and their ability to manage a Wendy’s restaurant.

Qualified candidates will be referred by the Employment Manager to a District Manager for a second interview. During the second interview, the District Manager will determine whether or not the candidate is likely to be successful in their area. If the District Manager is interested in the candidate a job offer is made contingent on the candidate passing our background check process. Once the candidate successfully passes the background check they will be scheduled for PESA.

PESA stands for Pre-Employment Skills Assessment. The candidate is brought on board for a two-week trial period. During those weeks the candidate will follow two weeks of the training program. The first day of PESA is an orientation to the company, the program and our benefits. The orientation is held at the Corporate Office. Candidates who are still employed by their current employer should not leave that employer until PESA is completed. PESA should last ten (10) shifts and can be worked around the candidate’s current work schedule. The purpose of PESA is to allow the candidate an opportunity to experience the DavCo Management Program before committing to coming on board. The District Manager is also assessing whether the candidate has what it takes to be successful. At the end of the two weeks, an evaluation is done. If the experience was acceptable to both parties, the candidate continues the balance of the ten-week training program