Brief Overview of DavCo Training Program

This is designed to provide a brief synopsis of our program. It is not intended to imply or guarantee employment.

Job Title:

Manager in Training


Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington D.C.


A comprehensive 10-week program, combines both on-the-job training in one of our certified training units, and 2-days of classroom instruction. You will learn the DavCo Management Philosophy, Standards of Operations
(Quality, Service and Cleanliness – Q.S.C.), administrative responsibilities, financial management and human resource management. Managers-in-training are under the direct supervision of the on the job training units’ management team. The Field Training Manager and your District Manager will monitor and assist in your on the job training. The Corporate Training Instructor conducts your classroom training. If a Manager In Training is not already ServSafe certified, food handler’s certification classes and testing are offered as part of their management training.

Work Schedule:

You are scheduled for a five (5) day workweek. The number of hours actually worked each week will depend on a number of factors which include: business patterns, strength of the manager, staffing levels, etc. Ours is a rotating schedule system including days, evenings and weekends. Every effort is made to schedule you off one-weekend per month.

Management Dress Code:

Managers are required to wear short-sleeve, oxford or twill button-down collar solid-colored shirts or blouses, black dress slacks, black or brown leather slip-resistant shoes (which may be polished). Shirts/Blouses must have buttons to the collar and must be tucked into slacks at all times. Any time you report to the Corporate Office, you should be in proper attire.


Managers are evaluated bi-annually in the following categories: Operating Results (C.E.I.), Financial Management, and Human Resource Management. Promotions and merit increases are determined from these evaluations.