Wendy’s Fund Raising Events & Local Promotions

in the Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia markets

For all other store locations, go to wendys.com.


What It Is:

Your local Wendy’s is offering organizations in the community the opportunity to earn money back on purchases made. When your friends and family gather to meet and eat, Wendy’s will donate 20%
of the TOTAL sales during the time of your event. One fundraiser
per month.

How It Works:

  1. Request the restaurant location, date, and time by sending an email to fundraisers@wendavco.com or by simply stopping by your local Wendy’s and speaking with the Manager.
  2. We’ll provide you with a flyer template that you can customize and print or email to promote your event.
  3. Remember, the more people at your GeTogether, the
    greater the total sales and the more money you’ll make!

Who Gets to GeTogether:

Schools, bands, sports teams, community organizations, scout troops, church groups, civic organizations or any non-profit needing to raise funds.

Rules & Regulations:

The following are the rules and expectations for hosting a successful fundraising event. Please review them and contact your local Wendy’s store general manager with any specific questions.

The Wendy’s GeToether application must be completely filled out and returned to the restaurant to secure your event.

In order to have a successful event, Wendy’s requires a minimum attendance by your organization. This number must be a mutually agreeable number and will vary by store and by group.

The date and time of your event must be pre-determined and agreed upon between your group’s representative and the General Manager of the chosen Wendy’s location.

All publicity surrounding the event must be provided by the group hosting the event and approved by Wendy’s. Your group will be provided with a flyer template, which will be your group’s responsibility to copy and distribute, or you can design your own. If you design your own flyer, Wendy’s must approve the flyer prior to it being copied and distributed.

A representative from your group or organization must be present at the event and available to act as the “guest host” to answer any questions from group members or other restaurant patrons.

The representative will also need to contact the General Manager of the restaurant hosting the GeTogether to confirm the date and time one week prior to the event.